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Feeling so much worse



OK, so the cystic thing I reported in my June 9 post has gone down a little bit...but I've gotten two new HUGE cystic outbreaks in the last day. I'm so upset about this. I was just at the dermatologist for cortisone shots and I REFUSE to go more than once a week.

But the dermatologist and shots seems to be the only way I can live with huge breakouts. So frustrated that I'm back where I started in the regimen - miserable with multiple cystic outbreaks. I feel like I'm almost having a panic attack every time I think about it. Going to go take an Atavan. I wish I was at a point where I could emotionally deal with this stuff, and I think I am when my face looks OK-ish. Then I get a big breakout and my world falls apart. I hate how weak I am.

Hoping tomorrow will be better.