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Day 92- Important Information!



I've noticed a lot of people talking about the products they recommend for fellow users of accutane but after seeing a new derm yesterday I was told to keep my regime as simple as possible. This means using a mild oil free cleanser and if needed a light oil free moisturiser. Do not scrub or use a mixture of different products like face masks ect. This is because your skin is highly sensitive and scar-prone when on accutane.

My skin has been a lot better since my last post. I have red marks from old spots and one clogged up pore which is red. I haven't had a cyst for a week. My new derm lowered my dosage to 40mg because of my bone soreness. So hopefully my lips will be less dry. My eyes however, are very dry and itchy.

I have no idea when I'll be off accutane, but im just enjoying the seeing the improvement to my skin and I hope that the soft, smooth texture will remain after I get off the drug. My skin is a lot more glowy and had a rosy tint to it.