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10 days after...update!



As promised, Here is my update on life after Accutane.

First of all, DO NOT think your side-effects will disappear overnight...most do not. My derm said that it takes 9 days for the drug to clear from your system...I still have significant side-effects 10 days out.

I still have very chapped lips, although I believe I am seeing a tiny glimpse of relief just today. Still have dry eyes and joint pain, patches of dry skin on my body, irritated gums, a few sores in my nose and sticky and clammy feeling skin. My triglycerides are elevated, but total cholesterol is fine.

I have seen my infected nails go away...hallelujah! That was a very painful side-effect. My constipation has totally cleared up.

My skin, however, remains perfectly clear with no pimples or blackheads. It is fantastic!

My husband just finished his course on Wednesday. His side-effects are still going strong. His skin is beautifully clear.

I will update again soon. I wish you all success on this journey!