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I'm a 23 year old male who has suffered with acne for almost twelve years. Throughout this time, my acne patterns have generally been the same. I'm not sure whether to describe what I had and still have as severe or moderate acne. I usually get 1-3 zits at a time, but they are usually very noticeable - especially because my skin is so light. It's rare that my whole face breaks out, but I'd rather have ten small zits than one big one.

Here are the products I will be using

-Clearasil Ultra - Deep pore cleansing pads (sold in Canada)

- Urine

- Baking Soda

- Warm water 5 times a day. Once with soap, the rest without

- Hydrogen Peroxide

- Bio-Oil

*** These products may not produce the same effect for you. Everyone reacts to everything differently. Keep in mind I have fair skin, and I'm a 23 year old male. Best way to know if a certain product will benefit you is "trial and error" - doing so when you don't have commitments in the next few days and can risk your acne getting worse. None of the products I listed have made MY acne worse..

I'm also starting a diet, by cutting out all junk foods. Also, I read a studying indicating regular milk drinkers are more prone to acne so now I'm drinking water.

I've been using the Clearasil pads for about four days, and I can feel them working. My face feels great after using them. After day one I thought this was all I needed to have clear skin from here onward but on the second day I felt a pimple begin to form on the right side of my nose. I applied the cleansing pad to it and it soon got smaller. I also noticed that it wasn't visible at all! Even though I felt it there, my skin was not red.

That's it for my first entry, stay tuned