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Day number 10



So it is day number 10, and a friday! I love fridays, it means I can try to sleep in tomorrow (well if my dog lets me). I think the worse part of this week is that I have been stressed out! My wonderful cat has been pee-ing on my sisters bed, he poo-ed on her bed and just yesterday he pee-ed on a suitcase she had in the living room. The cat has been acting out because he wants to be outside. stupid cat & Stupid sister for not putting him straight downstairs like I ask her too!

Ok so on with my acne status. I have few block pores where the harded or semi-hardened sebum is coming up. Im assuming this is a good thing, I hope this in a few weeks this will stop. Otherwise I don't have any big actives. I also had a few small ones start to come up under my jaw line near my neck, i was able to leave those alone and they are now starting to go away. The I had two on my fore head (above each eye) and I popped those, and they are going away. I also had one on my mid left side, which I popped and it is scabbed over and starting to heal.

So far so good. I am finding that my face is alot less oily then what it use to be. I don't have the urge to blot my face mid day, and want to wash my face and reapply make up around 4pm. and so far I'm also not getting alot of the big inflammed zits I usually get. Im still hoping this is just not a phase and that this stuff really work.

I've also been reading other logs about diet changes. I'm going to attempted to cut out milk and cut down on sugary foods (like marshmallows, pop, cookies, starbucks ect ect). Its going to be hard but I think I can do it. Once I did cut out pop & sweets, but it didnt have an effect on my face at that time (BUT had also just come of birth control at that same time). I'm also wanting to lessen my gluten intake, which will also be hard as most nights I have no control over what is made for supper.

I was also looking at maybe seeing a naturopathic doctor in my area as lots of other people seem to have success with them. I just don't know if I can afford it, $160 for the intial consultation and then $55 - $110 for each consultation after that. I do have a health care plan at work, but I don't know if it will cover the costs I need it to see the naturopath thru the entire year. Well I guess it is something to think about! I did find a document on there site about doing a cleanse/detox which I think I'll try.

But that is all for today! Have a great weekend

Every man dies, not every man really lives. Braveheart (1995)


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