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starting up again....?



my acne is probably the worst its ever been. its around my freaking nose now. its sick looking.

ive been to therapy countless times, had so many fights with my mom, im so unmotivated because of fucking acne. ive been suicidal the past few weeks actuallly..

so many fucking bumps. it had officially slaughtered my social life and my confidence.

summer is in a week, so i'm dedicating these next 2 1/2 months to my acne.

i read a really inspiring post on here about taking a gluten free diet, and health foods diet. no bad foooods...

it's hard because all i've ever eaten up to now is junk foods.

ive never had a salad before. im gonna try one today.... i really do hope this lifestyle cures my acne. i'll also hit the gym up to workout again...

im scared. im really scared, this is all really disheartening. my familys going crazy over my emotional problems due to acne. i've made my own mother cry. i almost commited sucide a few times.

now im just trying to use BP at night. fuck you acne, someday i hope to be clear and look back on all these posts and feel some sort of accomplishment..

i cant just go out to the store and purchase proactive or some shit... my problems are so much deeper. i never knew my feelings would escalate to this level. :cool:

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hey, but u got the whole summer to figure this out eh? if dan's regimen doesn't work, take your time and try experimenting with other variables, and eventually you'll find your own regime that keeps you clear. Change doses, products, etc etc but you want to minimize irritation at all costs--that means minimizing UV rays, reaction from irritating products/chemicals, and not becoming so dry that you can't even smile. good luck to you

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