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accutane log!



hi guys :cool: so background information, my names sophie and im a 18 year old girl who only had mild acne which was easily kept under control with benzaclin and differin until about a year and a half ago. in feb 2010 i started to break out ALOT and it didnt subside no matter what topicals and antibiotics were prescribed. just 2 weeks ago i went back to the derm and was prescribed accutane! ipledge is a pain and im not going to get my prescription until july 9th (i had all my bloodwork done june 28th but the nurse didnt turn it into the derm until yesterday so my month started yesterday :/ so annoying)

anyways, right now my acne is the best its been in a long time! my derm gave me epiduo to use up until i started accutane and i put it all over my face twice a day. right now i have a big pimple under my left eye by my nose and a big one on my right cheek close to my mouth. there are some little whiteheads on my nose, cheeks and chin. anyways, not much to post about now since i havent started accutane obviously but just thought i start this early to see if anyone had any tips or suggestions about what to do up until i start/what to expect/how to prepare :wacko:

umm... so yeah, thats about it :( i look forward to reading others logs and hopefully getting some followers of mine haha