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Day 10



I'm on day ten of accutane. My lips are getting drier every day. If I don't put on Vaseline for a few hours, they hurt and look extremely chapped. My skin is noticeably less red. But still sensitive. It doesn't seem dry, just occasional peeling. It's still super oily. My blackheads have stayed away! My forehead is pretty clear, however my jawline is doing worse. Lots of dried up pimples and under the skin cysts. I get more whiteheads that I sometimes pop. I should really stop. My hair is a lot drier. I haven't noticed any headaches or joint pains. I did get a cold, and from what I've been reading on here, it seems like most people get a cold during their first two weeks. Is that also a side effect? Or coincidence? Well good luck to everyone out there!