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Adult acne

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Saw Palmetto & Vitamin D3



As of today I am taking a combination of 1x liquid capsule, Vitamin D3 5000 and 2x liquid capsule, standardised Saw Palmetto 360mg

Since I stopped taking the Saw palmetto my skins broken out fairly badly and thats not happened since I started taking the supplements.

The D3, is partly because Im very tired a lot of the time and feel like my brains not very present. But Ive also read a lot about it normalising your blood sugar and I think that my acne can be linked to my fluctuating blood sugar level. When your blood sugar level drops suddenly your body produces more androgens which can cause acne in acne prone ppl. Hopefully the combination of the 2 will keep my androgen levels low...

Ill post back in a few weeks with any progress or failings.


i still take them everyday... Ive had a nightmare with retinoids so I cant say whether I have had good results from the combo. My skin was clearing really well though before I started the retinoid so I would say they had some good benefits! x

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