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Diet report - [8, 6, 11]



Bowel movement in morning was as usual - first part hard rest sloppier but not runny.

Diet report - [8, 6, 11]

2 glasses water

1/2 lemon

2 pieces of celery

raw carrot

rice, beef dripping, butter, spinach, carrot, chicken, salt, pepper.

3 egg omlette, matture cheddar, mild cheddar, beef dripping, pepper.

Mashed potatoes with skin, butter, bee dripping, matture cheddar, mild cheddar, salt, pepper,

Large serving of rice pudding - long grain rice, milk, sugar, cinammon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, butter, beef dripping, double cream.


On edge/ anxious the whole day for some reason - very unsettled - weird.

Skin on face and back still good - as good as it gets - some small spots on face but still bigger ones in scalp / head.

Observations today [9, 6, 11]

Very sloppy bowel movement this morning - full sloppy joe

Seem to be urinating a lot today - clear urine - wasnt urinating much last night - almost like it was trapped inside then all released today.

For about an hour nose was running a bit with top of mouth itchy - alergy type sympotns like hay fever but almost certain it isn't cause improves when outside.

Some new spots on head/scalp. Face and body still good though. Skin is very dry at moment - could be from washing face with anti dandrouf shampoo - could be lack of something in diet - who knows.


You might be lactose intolerant... try giving up cows milk products for a little while and see if you notice a change in your digestion and maybe your skin. :-

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Yeah could be although i think i am alright with dairy digestion wise, but that doesn't mean it isn't affecting my skin. Also could be lactose, whey or casein and maybe i can handle some but not all. I like to think my digestion and skin problems are linked but that isn't necessarily the case. I have tried no dairy before and i don't remember noticing much difference but that was years ago now and so i should try removing it again and see what happens. Just a pain working out what to eat, gonna end up with the all food elimination diet soon lol.

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