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pillows, milk, and acne



I've read other blogs from websites talking about pillows. i'm one of those people who keep their pillow for a long time, I had mines for ten years! It is a friend to keep and bring whenever I travel but i have tried to throw it away but i just didn't sleep well. I wash that pillow alot to make sure it's clean also take out the fluff. :wacko:

I know it's not my pillow causing my acne because i had that pillow throughout my highschool year, even that senior year, when I had clear skin for the first since I was little.

Milk, there have been studies on milk causing acne but I would never get rid of the milk! :dance: Cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and any milk based products are my weakness. I've already been cut out eating too much meat, chocolate, candy, salty snacks, and other junk food since leaving high school after reading a article that people who are smart should also be smart enough to be healthy. The only thing I can never cut out is milk, the only thing i could never give up! :( and no I don't drink coffee, my mom stopped me when i was little from drinking coffee so I like drinking orange juice or tea in the morning to wake me up. Drinking one right now! :cool: