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So i got back on accutane again. Its been a little over a year since i finished. Just go back to my first entry or 2 to see why i started.

Everything was great for a while. My plan was to get chemical peels which seemed to help before i started accutane, but never quite did the trick. Dually help with the acne and get rid of the hyper-pigmentation.

I had issues with the dermatologist and never went through. It was more personal. I met with him before i finished and he scheduled another appointment for 3 months after. I make it to that appointment and he schedules another appointment for 3 months later, with absolutely NOTHING being done, no real plan, just gave me some stuff that didn't work before for they hyper-pigmentation. NExt appointment, 6 moths after i finished, when some dermatologists start to do peels, he doesn't even show up, sends in a physicians assistant. I get a little bit frustrated so finally she goes and gets him and he prescribes sunblock......also its a small town and i'm from a well to do family. He's talking about options that are in my price range, but then starts going off on how he'll try to find me more affordable options. I felt insulted. Said he won't do anything for 6 more months and schedules another appointment 3 months later. So i never went back.

Was doing at home peels, but about 2 months ago, my face starts to get pretty oily....not as bad as before i started, but pretty bad and i really start breaking out. Face was basically clear of all dark spots until 2 months ago, since then, they are starting to accumulate.

Decided to just go full strength since i didn't have any real issues last time. Sorta. I"m 72 kg....doing 80 mg, but starting the first week at 40 mg and then going 80 from there.

I'm on day 5 right now, still to early into it to have to worry about lotion and all that stuff.

LAst time, i did have an issue with my eyelashes. They are pretty long and they were irritating my eyelids. So i cut them, on the first day, but a bit too short, still average length of men's lashes, but short for me and i can notice why we have them.

The whole thing is messing with me mentally. I do age well and look younger than i am. I'm about to turn 27, my career has been moving in the right direction, i have a destructive resume. People always thought i was in my early 20's, now i look like i'm in my teens, and people aren't taking me quite as seriously. No offense to teens, but yeah, for me that's not good. I get carded for cigarettes (which isn't bad or good, just letting you know i do look young).

I'm running a business, and had a meeting today, hadn't met the lady yet. She didn't believe I was the person she was suppose to talk to. The owner is my only boss and he has shown up maybe 3 times in the past 6 months. A few people referred to me as "boss" as they walked by and she was finally confident i was the guy, but yeah, it didn't go well.


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