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Day 13



So I basically went insane last night when I took my makeup off and picked all the under the skin spots I could feel coming up - these were mainly on the right side of my face. So now its crazily bumpy and splotchy red again.

It's only now that I realise what a mess I've made that I realise that it was looking a little better!!! So I broke down crying literally a minute after I'd finished picking when I noticed that it hadn't in fact made me look better, just a hell of a lot worse! I feel like I need a 'spot buddy' to talk to when I have these sessions and to spur me on to keep going and not pick. My mum is soooooo fed up of me being depressed and it's depressing her seeing me be depressed!!!

Wish me luck in being strong and not picking! Every day that I put this I hope it's the last day I need to :cool: