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start of my blog, accutane non prescription



Hi everyone

I read alot of accutane blogs and I have decieded to start my own and inform everyone of how i progress thru my journey of accutane..

firstly i ordered from vdrugstore online, to australia, took about 2 weeks, but it all came, no problems there and look legit, nothing missing or out of the ordinary...

My acne is moderate/severe, basically, i never leave the house without make up, I can tstand my boyfriend seeing me when i first wake up. I showeer then straight on with the make up, my nighttime shower is always right before bedtime, so its pitch blak and he cannot see my face, I experiment alot with different makeup and have become very good at masking my face with it that i sometimes can look like i actually have nice skin.. but i would look like a completely different person if i were to take that make up off !! yikes.. neverrr!!!! <3 you make up.

I am now on my 15th day off accutane, i alternate between days, 60mg and then 80mg, with a glass of whole milk and/or some almonds for that high fat content.

I am going to be posting some pictures of when i first started, and also when i have make up on.. how good i am at covering it!! I might do this later tonight or tomorrow, I will keep posting pics thru this.

I plan to be on accutane for 5 months.

The reason I am doing this myself without a prescription is because I couldnt get into see a derm until NEXT YEAR.. come on.. NO WAY.. so I read everythign possible about this medication, over and over and over.

as for my symptoms as of right now.. dry lips, I have air con on alot, and during the nights as its hot here, even though it is winter, it is still hot here ! but my skin still looks the same.. bad.. dont think it has got any worse.. hmm so just dry lips.

Please if anyone wants to chat and talk about there experiences with me, be sure to commment :cool:)

hopefully have pics up soon for you all to view :wacko:


ok i dont want to sink your hopes but if you bought that from an online website without a prescription GET OFF NOW!!! theres been countless horror stories the pills u are taking probably have no active ingrediaint in them, and thats the best scenario they could contain something terrrible tht could extremely damage your health if you went throguh the process of seeing a derm and getting a prescription then sorry for my rant but if you bought accutane off an online website that stop taking it immediatly and i recomend seeing a doctor to make sure no damage was done t o your health

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really, but the packaging has whats in it, 20mg isotretinoin. could this this be fake. and it said it is fda approved.. I can keep in contact with the company, so if i was to get sick from these pills or whatnot, couldnt i sue the company for millions and potentially wreck their entire business..why would they risk all of this?

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well you see when you bought those durgs you most likely agreed to some sort of policy and since no one reads policies lol it im guessing it said somewerhe non liable look im not trying to be a nag im just trying to make sure you dont endanger your health i looked up the brand name that thier selling and no official drugstores sell it such as cvs and wallgreens so that makes it even more suspicous do what you have to do but be extremely careful id call your doctor and ask what they think

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