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About 4 and a half months...



I've been feeling really depressed lately. I'm still breaking out a little bit... and though I will admit that my skin has cleared up a lot and the red marks are SLOWLY fading... I'm now dealing with huge blackheads and these weird hard white plugs kind of stuck in my pores. They just stay in my skin and don't leave. I have no idea of what they are or how to remove them, so if anyone who reads this can relate, please let me know.

As for the whole depression thing, I honestly don't know what brought it on. Maybe it's due to end of semester exams starting this weekend. But all I can say is I feel AWFUL about my appearance these days and spend every day crying. My boyfriend of nearly 7 months has absolutely perfect skin and I hate the way I look next to him... Ahh. I hope this all passes...