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natural remedies i've used



garlic- the only thing it did was bring my pimples out on the surface. which is ood for me because it's tough to cure the pimple problem unless I can get to it!

lemon- whites your face naturally, it's for tighting the pores of your face, which i use if I'm going to put makeup (using still) :(

rose water- not much happened, smell great though and nice to cook with too

honey and lemon scrub- was nice but needed a mask that cleaned my face

egg mask- horrible, made my face tight and put more pimples on the face than anything else I've ever put on :cool:

Sugar- Exfoliate once a week, is very natural was surprised how well it work getting all dead skin and only need a little bit to use :wacko:

Banana- if i ever forget to moisturize my face i use this, for my combination skin worked really well or if I don't have Aloe Vera, I would use this but only if I don't have Aloe Vera!