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Week One - Obagi



Today was the first day I began to feel very self conscious on the Obagi. My skin is very red and dry. I have really started to peel around my mouth and chin, large flakes of skin. I have a circle of red skin that encompasses my mouth and chin. I have been slathering on the sunblock but truly it does not help with the flaking skin and redness, it offers only momentary relief. I have been fantasizing about using moisturizer but I am staying strong. I bloody better have beautiful skin by the end!!

Yes, I feel like an idiot and have received a few odd looks but I am almost done with the first week and only one more to go (this may not be true as phase one can last longer but I really don't want to think about that). The good news is I have not broken out as I know some people have experienced.

Send me any messages if you found any way to combat the dryness or redness. I am not wearing makeup as I think the combination of flaky skin and foundation would not be good. (I know you are only supposed to wear mineral make up).