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Ugh, I really need to get more sleep, getting to bed at 11:30 every night and waking up by 6:30am sucks. Oh well, that is life for me i guess.

But for my face status..... so far so good! upon the many clogged pores I have, they are slowly starting to push the crap out. which means I have a few to extract. I'm hoping that once these clogs are out, that they stay out, and don't return. I had one small zit on my forehead above my eyebrow, a clogged pore on my jaw line, one in the area between my eyebrows. The one I had on my left cheek is healing nicely also.

I have found that since last week my skin has been able to heal quicker than normal, and some of the red marks from previous zits have started to fade. I'm also not getting any inflammed spots, which is super nice!

I'm hoping that this just isn't a temporary effect that will only last a week or two, as I am really enjoying the effects of this product.


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I wonder what natural acne fighting products your using. Is it more a company or is it handmade by your sister? What type of skin do you have? :-

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I'm using a product that is sold thru a company called Only Green - The line is call Vada Clarifying. It is not handmade (But I wish it could be lol). My sister had a home party with an Only Green rep at her house, so I bought the travel size of this product to try it out.

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