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Day 33



It's been a while since I posted cos I have been on holiday with my family, which proved difficult to keep to 100% gluten free as we were all eating together and different people were cooking on different nights, so inevitably I ended up getting a bit of exposure despite everyone keeping wheat out of things. Also, i drank a few glasses of wine at the start of the holiday which I definately reacted to, but on the whole the main form of gluten I was knowingly exposed to was corn and i also definately reacted to that - sores on the old head back again within a day of eating polenta other bits and pieces of corn in a salad and also a corn cracker thingy that i felt obliged to eat cos my step sister had bought them for me thinking they were gluten free and okay. Damn, it's difficult avoiding ALL grains, but now I am back home it should be easy again, and the sores that did form on my head are healing up rapidly, so all good.

Apart from that, my skin is still clear on the whole - certainly nothing inflammatory in over a month since I kicked the oats, which is a pure miracle for me - and blocked pores on my nose are taking about 8-10 days before getting bothersome to me, as compared to the 3-4 cycle I was previously in. I still have marks from old acne scars that are healing slowly (I scar brown as well as I have an olive complexion, and they hang around FOREVER), so that is annoying, but improving steadily. I now need to work on extending this to as many days a possible to give my skin a chance to heal and repair itself. Hopefully over the next few months things will continue to improve once my system really starts healing from the damage that gluten has caused. I am under no illusion that this is a long haul thing, and I am still in the early stages.

Health wise, my asthma is the most settled it has been in a very long time and I have started running again which is a good sign that my energy is increasing. No achey bones for a while either, so that is very encouraging.


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