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Alrighty...a little introduction first. I've been suffering for acne since I was 10,im 15 now and things have slowly gotten worse each year. My acne is moderate and mainly on my forehead,chin and sides of my mouth. Ive always had great confidence but seeing peope with clear skin everyday has taken a toll on me. I OBSESS over my skin,whenever I look in a mirror I examine my skin and see how many new pimples have sprouted up! My derm put me on Doxycycline and Epiduo a couple months ago. The Doxcycline has reduced my acne significantly but I just tossed the Epiduo aside since im not a huge fan on topicals. After hearing good reviews about Epiduo I have decided to give it a shot,BOOYAH! :wacko: So here it goes...MY EPIDUO LOG

DAY 1- So I washed with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser and applied a thin layer of Epiduo to problem areas and followed up with moisturizer. I didnt get the initiall burning and itchyness every was talking about and I have pretty sensitive skin...hmmmm. Im pretty nervous about the initial breakout too. Some say its pretty bad,but oh well...NO PAIN NO GAIN :cool: Now just gonna sit back and pray