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more products!



Also been had used Oil Free Acne Stress Control and strips for blackheads on the nose, which have not worked. Moisturizer has been Aveno with spf 30.

I’ve been reading articles on washing my face with oils, which I’ve read done right would make my acne go away faster but I wonder how I’m supposed clean my face day and night?

First I usually wash my face with water, then put my medicine and the moisturizer. At night I wash my face then put differin and another creamer moisturizer for my dry parts of my skin with jojoba oil.

My skin is combination but I have the T zone with a little part of cheeks also oily but the other parts can dry fast if I misuse the acne medicine.

I want to find a way to cleanse my skin naturally or help me with soaps for combination skin!

I wonder if I'm putting too much on my face to handle.