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Ideas for Summer Time Fun =)



As summer rolls in, the sun will be merciless to your skin especially if you have sensitive skin. So what cool activities can you do without aggravating your acne?

Well here are some:

pool (snooker) - i suggest finding a local bar that have pool tables. you can still play there even though you are under 18 since you are not drinking trust me. if they try to kick you out just say this its really fun too. normally its only $1 for a game while playing other places cost $20 a game or so...nobody really knows this =)

make youtube videos - i suggest making either drama or action with friends you seriously will have a blast indoors or out

Please check out my youtube channel for some laughs if you are bored =)http://www.youtube.com/user/ChungMoneyOfficial?feature=mhee

roller skate - this can be done indoor/out very fun especially with your special other half =) you get to spend some lovely time with your lovely girl/boy trust me on this one!

biking - do this at night in a neighborhood with nice scenery VERY romantic and enjoyable plus you won't get sunburned =)

badminton - VERY FUN and it is indoors! more fun than you would think (play with competetive people and i ensure you want to join the school's team later on)

ice skate - also an indoor activity so you won't aggravate your acne with the sun plus it is cheap and fun

please add on to this list if you want to help people have fun during the summer without aggravating their acne - trust me alot of people who got clear comes back to school after summer with alot of acne and guess what? they weren doing activities not suitable for acne