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Products of the past and now



I've been using so many products for my acne. In highschool, I did not care what I looked like because I was always to tired from waking up early and trying to pass my classes. In senior year i tried some acne medicine from the doctor. And then later on used some acne medicine from Guatemala.

Differin, Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin which only helped a little, but dried my skin

then I remember later using sulfur, lots of sulfur, I just used alot in the day left the sulfur on and at sleep slept with it. Smelled like medicine but for some reason all my acne was gone but I always had the medicine on even at school! I stopped using it because my granmother stopped sending it. :wacko:

It's been two years and I'm trying to find a way to get that clear skin but not always have sulfur on my face and now when I try to put it again, it burns my skin. I also remember peeling after using so much sulfur, the new skin got rid of the acne but now i know that was a bad thing to do.

I'm using jojoba oil right now with the medicine my doctor gave me before. The jojoba, started using today, is taking all the dry spots out of my skin, my skin looks healthy but have now new acne on the face not much that I stopped using it but controlable. :cool: