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Day XI - Excessive Dryness, yuck!



I work in an office environment, so I want to blame the HVAC for the dryness of my skin, but I really think the moisturizer isn't fully doing it for me. At first I was blaming the moisturizer to the effect that it wasn't fully absorbing into my skin and it was actually the moisturizer flaking off and not my skin, but as an experiment this morning I only used 1.5 squirts instead of the recommended 3 and my skin is still just as flaky as it was when I used 3. So I still think my moisturizer is not absorbing all the way for some reason, but instead of the moisturizer flaking off it really is my skin.

SO! With some research, I have decided to go to Super Supplements today and get some 100% Jojoba Oil (they sell 16oz for $10.00 when it's not on sale; cheaper when it is.. awesome!) and will try the method of "exfoliation" pinned to The Regimen area of the chat. Because I have been rubbing my face constantly trying to get the dead skin off and that will only cause more irritation and pimples, I know, which I'm frustrated at myself for but when you are the face of the office (as the receptionist) and you look like you're molting, it's time for a change. I'm not far enough in the Regimen to use AHA (but I am DYING to), Jojoba Oil is my next go to.

I don't think I'll ever stop calling it joe-joe-bah though (as opposed to ho-HO-ba like it really is).

Other notes, treatment is proceeding well. Still getting some new pimples but only 2 at a time as opposed to 5 or 6. That is excellant news! Trying to stay upbeat and positive - the only thing that's holding me down is the excessive dryness.


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