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Day 5- Paula's Choice



Hey again everyone.

Slept in today because I had a killer headache. I feel so much better now though. Its really hot here, especially since we have no AC so I'm pretty much sweating my balls off. Yesterday my Paula's Choice 2% BHA came in along with three samples I chose (skin lightening stuff for hyperpig, BP 2.5%, and a skin balancing moisturizer). My boyfriend is the only one with the key to the mailbox so I had to wait until he got home from work to get it. It felt like Christmas! :( When he got home I went running. I joked before I left that he should cook dinner so when I got home it was all ready. I was surprised when I got back that he was at the stove. :wacko: He is the best! :cool:

Last night he went to the bar (where I work actually!) and I stayed home cause I was pooped and still felt ugly. :( I did my milk of magnesia mask and when it dried I got in the shower. When I felt squeaky clean I got out, dried off and applied the BHA. It was sticky and I probably applied way too much (I'm a chronic product overuser). My skin looked pretty crappy with the red marks, and the few open sores that I picked that morning. (Arg I suck!!) Although the gel felt sticky and wasn't completely dry when I went to bed, I hoped it would work all the same. When I woke up, I immediatly looked in my hand mirror and was amazed. My pores looked so small, some of red marks had faded, and best of all the closed comedones on my forehead and nose had practically disappeared. Plus, no new breakouts! While my skin is not even close to great, I can tell within a few weeks it will look awesome! If I can stop touching and picking at my imperfections and just let the product do it's thing I will be good. I'm so excited, although it might be too sticky to wear during the day. I don't wear foundation so it might look shiny and weird. I have to work tonight so hopefully I won't look too disgusting. That's all for now!

Adios :dance:


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