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Day 7



Wow I can't believe it has already been a week, it has gone by way to fast!! Well I got back to my 'normal' routine yesterday, up at 6:30am and off to work, then my 2nd job, and then home by 10:00pm to eat supper. What a horrible time to eat, 10:00 at night. I tried to be 'healthy' with my supper, so my BF & I had Burger King, I got the chicken BLT Salad, it was ok.

Also last night, I thought I felt a small breakout coming up. If it wasn't a breakout, it was an odd reaction due to summer allergies that I've been getting since about 4yrs ago :cool: I had taken a allergy pill & did a mask just in case.

I'm also a picker :wacko: I know its bad, but I just cant help but to pop a zit/pimple when I get it!! I did have one come up on my left jaw line (it was small, and I popped it this AM) and about 3 on my right side of the forhead, and a clogged pore on my chin. And the one on my left cheek had more crap in it which I squeezed out.

I'm finding now alot of what I'm getting is the clogged gunk in my pores coming out. I hope that they come out for good and that my progress keeps on going. I guess I'll know for sure when my period comes as that is when I breakout the worse.

"The only real diet: If it tastes good ... spit it out." Unknown


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