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Pill 24



I've been taking 20mg every other day for a few days just because my 30 day supply will be up a little before my next appointment. I'm sure it doesn't matter, but I thought I'd stagger instead of not taking any for about seven days.

Current Skin Condition

I had a TERRIBLE cyst on my left cheek and a TERRIBLE cyst on my right cheek. The kind that get so huge and hurt so much...but they're both drying right now and I don't really have any other active spots except for ONE that might be emerging on my right cheek. It's so frustrating, but I have faith in this drug.

Other than that, tons of hyper-pigmentation.

Current Side Effects

NO OIL! It's amazing, really. I'm so used to a shiny face and hair that gets oily super fast that this is exciting to me. I finally know what it feels like to be normal (at least in regards to oil production).

Nothing else, really. Some flaking on my face and my lips get dry if I don't put anything on them.