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I guess I have to write an update. Been some 4 months since ROA course.

Sometimes I get clustered pimples on my chin, you know those small ones with pus... they go away with little pressure and/or during washing. My nose is super oily. Sun is hot here, I was outside a lot yesterday and immediately had to "pay". Staying in the shadows helps overall... so thats my tactics against sun. But still have to go outside make my life.

Psychiatrist offered me Serdolect, 4 mg. You know, maybe this isnt just acne and shyness and anxiety, but something more serious and what would explain a lot- Schizophrenia. Reading this


makes me "tick, yes, yes", just like reading about body dysmorphic disorder. So I could be at split road-

if I dont have schizophrenia, I dont take drugs, I keep living the best I know, though my experience shows my life is opposite of satisfying, for years now, like all acne`rs and bla bla bla...

if I dont have schizophrenia, I take drugs and try to deal with side-effects, which are many.

if I have schizophrenia, and I dont take drugs it might get worse and it wont get better

if I have schizophrenia, and I take drugs and that could possibly improve my social adaptation.

Been using Bioderma face wash, its really different from others I have. Ill try to get something more from their series for acne skin. Using clay masks 1-2 times a week, they help a lot. Bought fish oil, magnium supplement, A+E vitamines and the usual C vit + zinc.

Sometimes I desperately want to arrange a meeting with my derm, and sometimes my skin looks so good I think I dont need a derm atm.