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Day 36 - Blackheads Gone!




The majority of my week consists of me getting up really early and then rushing the last 10 minutes to get ready. I don't understand why this happens as I have a ton of time to get ready! And I'm always late, I hate it! This leaves me with little to no time to do my makeup. My makeup routine consists of black liquid eyeliner on my top lids and black mascara. Some days I'll wear brown. I don't know, sometimes the black looks a little harsh on my fair skin so I switch it up.

Anyway, this leaves me with not a lot of time to really 'look' at my face but this morning I couldn't help but realize how beautiful my pores on my nose looked. I was trying REALLY hard to find a blackhead, which would have been easier to do before, but now, I really don't see any. I am thrilled about this, I can't believe my blackheads are gone!

There are still some splotches of red here and there but I think the inflammation has really gone down. I really can't get over how I have no blackheads on my nose, I don't think I've seen my nose this clear since I was 8.

I went running yesterday, for a total of maybe 10-15 minutes. It was just 2 blocks then back up, I wouldn't have gone had my boyfriend not dragged me, but I promise him I would after having cake the other night lol. It was my first time exercising in months because I stopped around the time I had exams as well as when I started Accutane. I guess it was alright, but to be honest I really felt worn out afterwards. I made a schedule and would like to go at least 3 times a week. I'd go swimming but there's too many components that don't sit well with me (no swim cap, long blonde hair turning green, chlorine drying my skin out, smelling like chlorine) so yea, just doing some weights and stuff for now. The sciatic nerve pain is gone for now so I'll just see how far the working out will take me.

I hope starting to exercise more won't make my face turn gross. I asked my derm if I could go in the steam room after my workouts at the gym and he said it's okay, but generally makes acne worse. I thought this was weird as I read somewhere that steam rooms are a good detox and rid your body of toxins. I plan on washing my face after working out, then heading into the steam room, then showering. Jeez, I would have to say that most times I'm in the changeroom longer than I am at the gym. I only go for the women's only hours so whether I like it or not it's just 1 hour that I get to exercise.

Anyway, I think that's everything. I'm glad my 6 year old 'digital' camera is still working although I doubt it has a macro feature, otherwise I'd post a closeup pic now of how great my pores look.

Oh yea, I also started to use olive oil as a night moisturizer on my face. It is wonderful under the eyes, it just smoothes everything out, I feel like a baby, and I'll put it on my lips too. I highly recommend it because it's super moisturizing and does not clog pores! If you research it online you'll find lots of info about this for anyone that is interested. Despite using it, I seem to have this stubborn dry patch on the tip of my nose, no matter how much I moisturize it, it feels like scales.

I will post pictures soon, I anticipate seeing more of a difference than my last pictures! I hope!


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Thanks for blogging this!

I'm thinking about trying the Regimen, and I was searching through the site wondering if anybody successfully got rid of blackheads on their nose while on the Regimen.

This clears up all doubts for me now :D

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