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HALLELUJAH!!!!! My sunburn & rash are GONE!! yaaaayyy

so anyhow my rash has gone away on its own; its taken about a week. and my sunburn originally went away and then i went out in the sun again for about 20 mins one day and it came back... with a vengeance... and i was basically super tomato red ALLLL over again. thankfully i look normal again and just have a few spots to worry about. Also i have to get a new sunscreen cause the one i have is no good. so i will update you about the kind i get! im gonna be looking for one with no PABA and nothing bad in it that will irritate my skin, make me break out, or get a rash from; considering i have super sensitive skin. My forehead is looking a lot better there is much less spots now. I am three months and 1/2 in to my accutane treatment as of today ! WAHOO. honestly, my experience so far really hasn't been that negative.(other than the catastrophe of having a rash and a sunburn at the same time.. that sucked) despite that; my experience sooo far has been pretty positive because i haven't had to deal with a lot of the bad side effects. And the side effects i did get were pretty easy to handle. I'm hoping (crossing my fingers) from this time on my skin will only clear up & i won't get any more breakouts!! because my doc told me that after 2 months my skin would defs begin to clear up... but i feel it has taken my skin waaaaay longer to get used to the medicine. any ways....

good luck to everyone, hope your skin is looking gorgeous.