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Day 61! Start of month 3



Today is the beginning of month 3. I have switched brands from Amnesteem to Claravis. I had to pay $256 at Wal-Mart for a 30 day supply because right now I don't have insurance. Sigh...

My blood work was all great and my white blood cell count is back to normal and I am feeling a lot less fatigue. I still feel tired and not as energetic as normal but it has gotten a lot better over the last couple of weeks.

Skin is doing better. No active breakouts at all just a lot of red marks and my face is red as always which sucks. I still have the dry lips and inside of the nose but it's okay. I can't wait to be done with this medication.

I might still go on 60 mg next month for the remainder of the course but the doctor says he likes my progress.

Nothing else is really new I am now just anxious for the redness to go away and hopefully I do not have another ridiculous breakout like I did about 2 weeks ago!!!