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Accutane results are only TEMPORARY



So, bad news I would say but after about 6 months off accutane I started to break out once again -_-, at first it was very very mild maybe one or two small bumps, then as the time progressed it started to turn into a few bumps and then as more time progressed a few bumps with pimples. So now it is at the point where it was enough to sort of bother me and for me to actually notice. It is not at all bad and even debatable if it falls into the "moderate" category but it's still acne. So I ordered Dan's Regimen and I will be starting a new blog titled REGIMEN.

I was thinking "what if I took a second course" But there is NO way I will ever put myself through that emotional, physical torture ever again. I literally remember that period of my life being torturous, dry, and painful. And 6 months can really change a person and I am not willing to that again...