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Day 5 accutane



Alright. So it's been five days since i've been on accutane. I've taken three pills. So far ive noticed slightly drier lips. I have a crack on the side of my mouth. My skin isn't improving yet of course but it's not getting any worse! But, ive noticed practically all of the blackheads on my nose are gone! Although they seemed to come and go before accutane. They'll probably be back in a few days. The pimples I have seem to be drier and bumpier. Also, my skin seems a lot more red! I've been spending time in the sun, but it can't be a sunburn cause ive been using a ton of SPF 70 for face. No amount of makeup will cover up the redness. :cool: it also seems more irritated when i wash it and put moisturizer on it. I haven't noticed any joint pain or headaches yet. I hope it stays that way:) I really need to drink more water. I'm feeling dehydrated. It's so weird not using any topicals. But my skin is reacting to that better than I thought it would.