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So. I need to create this blog because I'm getting kinda desperate.

I had a whole year without much trouble with acne, but recently I've been reviving old bad habits and undergoing crazy hormonal changes, so I've been getting crazy breakouts between my eyebrows.

A few days ago, when this breakout first happened, I frantically went through every home remedy & topical treatment I owned. Baking soda, honey, ice, tea tree oil blackhead remover, clindamycin phosphate. Though I do wish I owned benzoyl peroxide, the last time I tried that I had a nasty allergic reaction. My acne was clear, but I developed a horrible rash that lasted for around a week.

Ah. I'm trying to change my bad habits by developing a regimen today.

I just finished an egg white mask, and I will soon use clindamycin phosphate before bed. In the morning, I will wash my face with a gentle cleanser, use ice to reduce inflammation, and moisturize. Hopefully this combination will regulate my skin, or at least dramatically reduce the inflammation.

GAH I have a Sports Banquet to attend to on Monday, and I want to look my best & feel the best about myself!