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Day 48!



I have had a few really nice comments in the past week! People can see the difference and I can feel it too :cool: Still lots of scars but the overall appearance of my skin is improving. I cant wait to do some more photos to compare them to my first few weeks!

As for the side effects so far, the dryness is ok if I use a night cream, morning and night, and use carmex chap stick. I have noticed that I get really sore after sport now, I play indoor netball and then go straight into a game of volleyball afterwards. I end up cramping up after I cool down which isnt nice, but its worth it!

Blood tests this week and back to the derm on the 17th. I dont think she will up my dose, as Im almost at the max reccomended dose for my weight. Im looking forward to month 3 and 4, Im told thats when things get really good!