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Day 19 (1 week into DKR)



First off even though it is 'day 18', I'm only just a week into Dan's Regimen - this is because I had only just ordered his products when I started the log :cool:

My spots are still there on both sides (approx 5 on each side) although on the right side, which turned into white heads sooner, they look a little less red but still bumpy.

My right side is now big and red and bumpy with visible white heads!! I haven't picked any over the last few days which is a mean feat because I've had LOADS crop up! Like today I actually counted about 7 visible white heads, although some I think are dried up but just still white at present.

For the first day since starting the regimen I have a bit of flaking! Nothing too bad but its definitely there. It wasn't too bad until I put my foundation on & then the loose bits of skin all started flaking off!! All in all though I've not noticed a darker face whilst using this product. I have previously used PanOxyl 10% and my face went a few shades darker!! I had several people comment on this! So I'm quite loving Dan's BP because even though I'm using loads more of it than I ever did of the PanOxyl at one time I'm having very minimum side effects.

Even though I was still SOOOO self conscious last night round at my friends (there were some reaaally pretty girls though with zero acne!) I am still quite confident that this is going to work for me :wacko: since my initial purge I've not really had any other spots worth mentioning and since I'm only 1 week in so far I'm excited to see what my face is like in another week :dance:

My mum actually said today that she thought my red marks from previous acne had faded slightly!! I'd thought this a little myself but it's definitely better coming from someone else!! She also said not to get my hopes up though as it's not that obvious yet if there is a change. But I'm hopeful :( I've been using Dan's AHA once a day (usually at night) instead of moisturiser so perhaps this is doing its job!!


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