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Day 65 (ish)



I think its day 65, not quite sure. just started the 10th week anyway. feeling a bit better since my last post. im just going to stick with it. went to see my derm two days ago and she is reasonably happy. bumped up my dose from 40 mg per day to 60 mg per day so hopefully this will make the difference. so I have 180 pills left. tghis is 2 months worth becuase i take 3 a day. and then i go bak and see my derm in 3 months. (hopefully acne free). This seems unlikely at this moment in time though :cool:

no real side effects still. my lips and skin are still dry but nothing i can't deal with. does anyone have any advice about drinking on accutane? i want to start going out with my mates again and drinking you know?