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Day 7



Oh it's been a bit since I've been online. I could give all sorts of excuses, I have many of them, but to sum up - I was playing video games to ignore the stress that was mounting up at work and in my personal life. And now it's all gone, whoosh! Which is very nice :cool: Except today I remain tired and wanting to return home and play Legend of Mana with my husband.

So, acne related things for my records and further review at a later date-

  • I had 2 pimples on the side of my face directly next to my hairline that I was keeping an eye on to see how the BP affected newly developing pimples. At first they looked angry and ready to attack with redness and inflammation. Within 2 days they started going down though - they never went full blown irritated/infected. So 1 point to acne.org, 0 to acne.
  • I had 2 huge whiteheads that my husband was dying to pick (he's a picker but doesn't get many pimples so he used to get frenzied over mine - disgusting!), so I told him he could lance 'em with a sanitized needle and then VERY GENTLY push the gunk out and not aggravate them more. He did so and they receded happily. My only complaint is all my pimples are leaving big red spots where they used to be. I hope they go away soon.
  • I've noticed the lotion is what makes your face look so tan, because it's yellow. Which is why people with paler skin are complaining about looking yellow, while people with a naturally yellow skin tone are looking tanner (or so I assume, I know I am at least). Also, it stains clothes, towels, etc, and I do not know if they wash out yet (have not done laundry).
  • Had my first BP-bleached shirt last night - did the Regimen right before bed and didn't let the lotion dry, and the lotion carried the BP onto my shirt and shirt sleeve (I sleep on my arm) and ta-dah! first stain.
  • My face looks incredibly dry after washing, but not after BP or moisturizer, which feels very very weird and wrong when I think about. Thankfully it's quickly remedied, obviously.
  • The peeling I have present I suspect is actually the lotion and not my skin, because the lotion goes on rather thick and my face doesn't absorb all of it and then I find some flakes on the bridge of my nose (only there, really). How odd.
  • I think my face is ready to switch to full dosage instead of 2/3rds dosage of BP - my face does not get red or puffy at all anymore, it hasn't for almost the past 5 days.

Whew that was a lot more than I thought. But really, I'm looking to learn as much as I can about the Regimen by paying extremely close attention to the early portions of the Regimen, so I can tell others what's normal, etc. when they start the Regimen as well. I want to be very helpful once I have a clear face and know exactly what I'm doing. I have not missed one dosage of acne stuffs yet.

On another note, I am currently in that womanly time of the month and I have not had a war break out on my face like usual. In fact, my acne right now is similar to but not exactly like my acne I usually had when my face was calmer and I wasn't in the womanly time. So I'm very curious to see what happens when I get back to that non-PMSing stage of the month - will I clear up considerably?

Sweat seems to not cause an outbreak by any means as long as I am still careful not to touch my face and I gently dab with a towel when I get home. However I did get a sunburn the other day, as mentioned, and it healed up very quickly but it alerts me to how sensitive your face really is on BP. Now I keep in mind the "20 minutes or more" rule- if you'll be out in the sun for 20 minutes or more, wear a hat to prevent burning.

I think that's it.



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