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Going on Day 3!



Well I am on day 3! After a late evening of very caked on make up, (we joked that we had our 'make -up guns' set to super whore lol), my face survived without any new zits :wacko: The one I felt coming up on my left upper cheek has decided it is not coming and its not as painful as yesterday, and the tiny one under my nose is also going away. I did notice that my old spots are a bit more red then normal, but that could be due to lack of sleep. But I'll take a bit of redness over acne anyday right now. The only odd thing I noticed is that my pores in the area beside the nose, seem larger than normal, but they also don't seem to be plugged up any more like they have been a weeks ago. Perhaps a change for the better?? I'm hoping so :cool: