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Day 18



First of all an update - since I've started 'The Regimen' I've not been doing the whole hot water with a flannel thing or the green tea thing as I want to get the full effects of the regimen. Plus drinking lots of green tea was just not very convenient; it didn't taste that nice and it doesn't make sense to be drinking looooads of hot drinks when it's pretty much summer! As for the wiping of the tea bag on my face, although this felt quite nice on my skin I noticed that the tea actually went into my pores and made them look dark! So I stopped doing that sharpish! Just thought it's best to keep up to date with what I am/aren't doing!

Since I started the Regimen my initial breakout was on my chin (luckily these are subsiding and just small scabs/red marks now - albeit big ones), and then on both cheeks but in like the same place on both cheeks! Like literally on both cheeks I have 5 bumpy red under the skin spots coming up within a 2cm square! How bizarre! I've seen on here before a diagram which shows the places you get spots and what is likely to cause them where you get them but I can't find it now so wondered if anyone could shed some light??

These red ones on my cheeks are now slooooowly coming up into whiteheads, like this morning I can definitely see a bit of white and I know if I picked it something will come out. I was SO tempted as well! But I'm still trying to tell myself NOT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR EXISTENCE ha. I don't want to give them that satisfaction.

It's the Beer Festival in my town tomorrow and I really wanna go but at the same time I reeeaaally don't because bumpy face + bright sunlight = VERY visible + embarassing..

I've also been using the AHA. I know people say you should generally wait until you've been using BP for 6 weeks or so, but before the Regimen I was using Panoxyl BP for a few weeks and basically I just couldn't not use it after it had arrived ha! So far so good and no major irritation or anything though :cool:


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