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First Entry



I'm excited to start a blog and to track my progress,I wish i would have started this awhile ago.

Well I'll give a bit of backround first, I started getting acne at the same time my periods started when I was 11 yrs old (I'm currenly 27) :wacko: . My acne has never been considered severe, but it has always been mild to moderate (depends on the time of the month, stress levels ect ect), to complicate everything I also have spurts of eczema, and when it flares up on my face (usually my side chin) I mistake it for acne and pick at it.

I have used MANY products over the years. When I was younger and first started getting acne, i was using regular soap and liquid BP as my toner (Like the stuff in the brown bottles to put on wounds) and no moisturizer. I shudder now as I look back on that routine. But since I got a job, I have used, OXY, neutrogena, VICHY, Le Roche Posay, Proactiv, Murad, dermelogica and Sothys. I have also been on BC, but I stopped approx 2yrs ago as it was causing anxiety problems. There is prob a few more products that I have missed. I have spent hundreds of dollars on products with no solution so far.

So I am now trying out something new! My sister had an at home 'party' for Only Green products. It is a line that is ecofriendly & natural. I figured that if it doesn't work, it will just go into the pile of failed products. I am excited to try this line as it has alot of ingredients that people have suggested to use on this site (witch Hazel, tea tree oil, jojoba, vitamin E and aloe vera to name a few).

I was going to wait until sunday to start using the new stuff as I have a dance preformances thrusday, friday and saturday :cool: , and I didn't want to risk getting a nasty IB. Nothing is worse then having to cake on make up 3 days in a row. But I couldn't wait and I started Tuesday night when I got my product!

So far I like the smell of the cleanser, it is a citrus smell. I've washed my face 3 times now and used the mask once (am & pm face washes). Ive had a couple tiny little whiteheads come up on my forhead, and one in the area below my nose and above my upper lip. I feel one on my left side trying to decide if its coming or not (just hurts a bit to the touch right now). Otherwise, the few inflammed spots I had are no longer inflammed :( So far i'm happy with the product, but I'm still waiting to see how it goes.

Until later!!


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