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Day 17



So my face is still reeeeaaally awful (& I mean REALLY bad - red marks & lumpy bumps everywhere!) but I'm kinda feeling quietly confident that this is gonna work.. Since my initial breakout I've not really had any extra spots crop up (yet) and I just keep telling myself that all the crap is coming out of my skin so this is the worst it can look.

I've also been reading through other posts on here and someone had said something along the lines of when you have a whitehead don't acknowledge its existence by picking it. This kinda seems to make sense to me - if you pick the spot then it knows its bothering you and will come back again, but if you ignore it then it will get bored of coming back. I know spots don't exactly think lol but I'm going to try and keep this frame of mind..

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Bahaha, I like that....Ignore the whitehead and it will get bored and not come back. I'm adopting that mentality!

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