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:( red skin today



Something is making my skin red and dry and idk what it is :/ I shouldn't have tried so many new things as once. I have a feeling its the tea tree oil though, and my skin just isn't used to it yet. Soo i'm going to make a new routine for myself and write it here to make sure I follow it.

Morning: wash face w/ purpose, then moisturize w/ aveeno sun block. take 1 amoxicillin pill, if going out put on makeup.

Afternoon: wash off makeup, take another amoxicillin pill, put on a honey mask for 30 minutes, wash off and moisturize w/ non spf moisturizer.

Night: take another amoxicillin pill, wash face then use my natural green tea +witch hazel+ tea tree oil toner, then moisturize w/ non spf moisturizer

I need to figure out how much tea tree oil and witch hazel I need to put in the toner because it has to be one of those two things making my skin so red.