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My ProActiv Review!



My Proactive arrived last Thursday, May 26, and I began using it immediately. I chose the Green Tea Moisturizer as one of my free gifts because I'm running out of my Juice moisturizer and I'd like to try one that is potentially cheaper. The BP cleanser, step one, has tiny beads in it, so it's really more of scrub than a cleanser. The directions state to rub it around for a minute or two, so I always count to sixty while gently rubbing it around my face. Dan didn't give the beads a favorable review but so far I like it; the beads are very very small and aren't irritating my skin--yet. When my face is dry, it feels very soft. Step 2 is the Toner, but it doesn't contain any acne-fighting ingredients! That is the only issue I have with Proactiv, no salicylic acid. I truly believe my face requires a delicate combination of SA and BP to be clear. Anyway, the toner is just fine, no complaints other than the lack of SA. Step 3 is the BP lotion, and it goes on nice and smooth, very reminiscent of Dan's lotion. Dan says you should be using copious amounts of BP to clear your skin. But when I was glopping that shit on my face months ago it only irritated my skin and gave me more pimples. I definitely prefer a thinner layer of BP. As for the Green Tea Moisturizer, I LOVE IT! I love it even more than my Juice moisturizer. I love it so much that today I ordered the biggest available side and paid an additional shipping cost which came out to half the price I paid for the product itself to ensure it would ship to me before I go to boot camp next week. (!!!) It goes on kind of like a gel, but it dries almost INSTANTLY--no fifteen minute bullshit like with Dan's moisturizer. And it actually MOISTURIZES. I don't need to use a handful and spend ten minutes rubbing it in.

On Friday I noticed a large pimple, a pustule, developing on my left cheek, along with three smaller ones on my right cheek. I popped it, waited for the blood to subside, and then continued to squeeze until all the pus came out. I have discovered that is to secret to successful extractions: ensuring ALL the crap is out. That night I got up to go to the bathroom and I looked closer at my face in the mirror. The three zits on my right cheek looked like papules but I was able to successfully extract all three of them. It is so satisfying to pop pimples. Not as satisfying as the ability to not wear foundation, of course. I put more of the Proactive BP lotion on my right cheek and left cheek. In the morning, the areas were red yet smooth. They're still smooth today. I've been applying vaseline and the redness has considerably diminished. I hope I see a difference with the microdermabrasion I'm getting Thursday.

Since those extractions I haven't had any major pimples, just tiny whiteheads that go away in a day. If I didn't have these red marks my skin would be perfect.


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