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ive slightly changed my regimen



ive changed my regimen and ive added paul and joes whitening serum ive been doing this for 2 days now.

i dont apply bp in the morning as the serum contains vitamin c and i believe it would cancel out. so what i do is wash my face with cetaphil cleanser (as much as i love dans cleanser it is too drying for me to use twice daily), moisturise with eucerin wait like 10/15 mins wash hands again and apply 2/3 pumps of serum (this is a little amount the pumps not big but it is enough to go on entire face).

anyhow at night, i wash my face with dans cleanser then treat with 2 pumps of dans bp, wait till dry wash hands apply a layer of eucerin night cream and then add another layer with eucerin night cream ad 2/3 drops of emu oil. oh i also moistuirse under eyes, morning and night with cetaphil cream as my under eyes cant tolerate eurcerin they become a pinkish colour.

i love the feeling of not putting bp in the morning my skin was just too dry and irritated even with enough moistriser and emu oil. i had tried enough moisturisers and oil methods and had enough so decided it was time to change, surely i liked not getting spots ,which i still do now and again which i think is due to the fact that my skin is being really irriated, with patches that were peeling off. ive been on the regimen for more than a year but still, i havnt goten used to using bp twice a day even if i use only one pump. which doesnt do anything for keeping acne at bay.

my skin was really really irritated, i couldnt move my face properly and it was embarassing. so with this new regimen i can feel my skin smooth out as all the flakes are coming of soo easily. and my skin looks fresher. i LOVE the serum soo far but i hope i dont jinx it!! my skin wasnt where i wanted it to be i have slight discoloration (i have light brownish skin) which is by my chin area and top of my cheeks and welll it was really annoying. i think the serums definately fading this though there isnt much difference i can tell it is slightly better and brighter.

i got a sopt last week before my NEW regimen. this i put down to the irritation as i would scrub my face to get rid of flakes with a wash cloth as i didnt want to be flaking infron of my gf!! or it was due to eating egg or yoghurt which i hadnt had before. ohh it also could have been as i ran out of vit d. which im taking again. anyhow it has flattened and i now have a mark in its place.

im going to continue this regimen. but if i do breakout im going back to using the bp twice a day and ditching the serum. hopefully i wont fingers crossed!!!! :cool:

oh i also forgot to mention i still have the cyst under the surface thingy it hasnt changed or anything its still the same but i can still feel it there pfff!!!


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