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Appt w/ derm on tuesday



Not that anyone is reading but my appointment is Tuesday to talk with the PA about accutane. I did get into her aesthetician this am to get my current cyst injected. This thing better go down or I'm going to be pissed.

I'll update next week and hopefully i will stay clear. On a good note my obgyn is cool with starting me back on yaz today (since my cycle is going to start tom).


I am reading too.. I read your last message as well.. when I decided to go on Tane, I was going to the derm twice a month, and getting about 6-7 cysts injected. They would stay down for about a week, and then flare right back up, so I'd wait for my second appointment. Dark times. I have always had severe acne, but never went on tane (paranoia + never found a derm I could trust). The acne was kept at bay mostly by using minocycline, which worked fine for a while, but it all came back within a couple of months. I would say that if you are ttc, and only get one cyst every couple of months- to postpone tane till you are done with your pregnancy. It is a tough choice, but if acne hasn't taken over your life, but is a mere annoyance, I would wait a while.Despite my paranoia, and because of it, I have done my research and I think you are safe to conceive a month after stopping. Other than the scientific evidence, I cannot imagine multiple companies would suggest just a "one month wait" when everyone is so happy to sue Roche for any number of side-effects they ascribe to accutane. My main concern is- until a few years back, and even now- most doctors were suggesting patients to not conceive for 6 months or more, so we may not enough women who even tried to (or managed to) get pregnant within the first month of being off accutane.Hence my poll.

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