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Diet report - [30,5,11]



Sloppy Joe this morning. Same as last few days but not as smelly as yesterday. 7 days in a row.

Diet report for yesterday - [30,5,11]

2 glasses water

Cap of aloe vera

1/2 lemon + 1/2tspn vitamin c powder

5 pancakes made with Gluten free flour, eggs, whole milk, cinnamon. With mature cheddar, mild cheddar and cheap n nasty turkey ham.

Slice of mild cheddar.

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, mild cheddar, beef dripping, butter, cream cheese, pepper.

LArge serving of rice pudding. Long grain rice, milk, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, beef dripping, butter, cream cheese.

Friji banna milkshake.


Not too bad last few days, one newish spot near ear next to sideburn. Two large red cyst type spots now fully dead and fading. No new spots on face.

Still a lot of spots on head/scalp - same a usual. May be from over voracious towel drying of hair - Not warm enough to air dry at moment and can stand heat from hair dryer.

Back has no new spots and is suprisingly clear.


Usual mild belching after most meals - may just be eating too much or too quickly.

Heartburn massively improved this last week - very little - utter trasnformation - almost coincides exactly with change in bowel movements - WEIRD SHIT.

No real bloating.

Increase in farting though - slightly smellier also - Not sure if this is actually a bad thing.

Bowel movements are sloppier as mentioned for nearly a week now - after 3 weeks of hard shit.


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