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5/30/2011: Pill 21



No change in my skin from the other day. The active spot is still active and the drying spots are still drying.

I was thinking about how long I would be on this medicine if I stayed at 20mg/day and I’m thinking about asking my dermatologist to up my dosage to 30 mg/day for next month and possibly for the rest of my course. If I feel comfortable enough, I might up it to 40 mg/day. I think I’m pretty much in control (considering my blood work is fine) because she wanted to start me at 40 mg/day for a few months and then move me up to 60 mg/day.

When I did some calculations on how long it would take to reach a cumulative dose of 125mg per kg of weight, I realized I’d be on this for 11 months. If I switch to 30 mg next month I’ll only have to be on it for 7 more months to reach my cumulative dose. It’s still a long time…but it’s a low dose with (hopefully) fewer side effects.

Current State of Side Effects

My dry, flaking, itchy scalp is gone! I had all kinds of dead skin last week that I constantly itched and picked at; I couldn’t take it! It was reminiscent of what happens to me after I get sunburn on my scalp/part. I honestly had a hard time sleeping because it itched so much.

My hair is noticeably less oily (which is a positive for me). I’m hoping I don’t have to go through another round of dry scalp when I up my dose to 30mg/day.

No problems with the hemorrhoids anymore, either. That was just the first 14 days; I guess my body had to adjust.

My lips are dry and peeling. If I don’t use something on them they look a little gross but, as long as I keep them moisturized, they’re fine.

My facial skin is starting to flake a little bit and it’s NOT OILY! I have no shine whatsoever. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I used to be a grease ball. This change is extremely exciting to me. My pores appear a bit smaller, too.

That’s it. I haven’t experienced anything too negative yet. I’ve still been running and exercising as usual. The high school where I work lets out for summer vacation in 6 days and I can’t wait to direct all of my energy to my health and well-being.

Taking the Pill + Supplements

If you’re curious, I take my pill in the evening after dinner or with a high-fat snack. I make sure I eat it with at least one of the following: walnuts, flax oil, olive oil, or avocado.

I supplement with Zinc, Vitamin C, and nutritional yeast (for B-Vitamins).

Occasionally I take biotin, MSM, or a multi-vitamin.


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