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5/23/2011: Pill 13



I spoke too soon yesterday; I think my skin is getting a little worse. The difference between breaking out now and breaking out in the past is that I feel like there might be an end in sight this time. THAT makes all the difference in the world.

Current Skin Condition:

Nothing is on the forehead (just red marks and a little scarring).

My chin looks fine, but I can feel three little cysts…nothing inflamed.

The cyst on my left cheek is angrier; I’m hoping it leaves soon. My right cheek has a minor little cyst at the moment and a few drying spots. Fading red marks galore on my cheeks and some scarring.

I have a small, inflamed pustule on the edge of my lip. I’m pretty sure this has to do with my constant slathering of greasy lip products! It was bound to happen, really. I’m just hoping it dries up fast!