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5/22/2011: Pill #12



Damn this stuff is powerful! I honestly cannot fathom being on a dose higher than 20mg/day. I’m only on my twelfth day and I’m experiencing dry lips, a dry, itchy scalp, and some painful bowel movements (hemorrhoids…as my doctor warned me that EVERY mucus membrane dries out).

The lips are perfectly fine as long as I keep them covered in ONE of the following: Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm (amazing), Aquaphor, or a Kiss My Face chapstick with SPF 15. Now, the dry itchy scalp is another story. This side effect is driving me crazy! I’m so used to being a grease ball that I don’t know how to handle this situation. I bought some all-natural shampoos that are supposed to be gentle and moisturizing. I thought about getting Head & Shoulders or another shampoo of the sort, but I thought it might be too harsh. The painful bowel movements are also weird because I’ve never experienced hemorrhoids before…but I think it’s getting better already.

I wash my face with Cerave face wash and follow with moisturizer by the same brand (AM in the morning and PM at night). My dermatologist recommended this and it seems to be keeping my skin from getting too dry.

Other than that, I’m SHOCKED by how fast this seems to be working. It’s crazy to think that I’ve spent ten years trying numerous products that never worked and this magical little pill seems to be working in just a few weeks’ time.

Current Skin Condition:

I feel a tiny cyst on my left cheek but it’s very similar to the few that I have on my chin: I can feel them but I can’t notice them in the mirror. The other spots on my left chin and temple have healed and left behind some beautiful red marks.

No real active spots on my forehead; I just have a few red spots from some cysts I had a couple weeks ago.

My right cheek is what makes me think this stuff is seriously doing something. I’m prone to getting MONSTER cysts on my cheeks that take FOREVER to heal. I got one in January that lasted over a month and the red mark is STILL fading. Anyway, these two big spots appeared two days ago. I could see the pus under the skin and I could feel it; however, they were NOT red, tender, and inflamed. They stayed extremely calm and, as for right now, they are both completely dried up and just begging me to peel the dry layer of skin away…but I will resist. I got another pustule on my right cheek but it also dried up and went away really fast.

As of right now, I’m very happy with this drug. NO INITIAL BREAKOUT YET! I’m hoping it stays away or, if it does happen, I just hope all the spots heal as fast as they have been lately.


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